Spare parts

for weaving machines, knitting machines and textile finishing



in different versions

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all standard types and lengths
End eyelets: J-, C- or O-shaped
Thread eye: single or double row
Material: INOX or nickel plated


all standard types and lengths
End eyelets: J-, C- or O-shaped
Material: Hebelitzen: INOX or plastic
Half heald: spring strip steel

Narrow weaving-Healds:

all standard types and lengths
Thread eye: single or double row, symmetrical / asymmetrical
Material: INOX or nickel plated

Twin wire-Healds:

By the varying of wire size, length, size of the eyelet and size can be produced suitable types for each use.

Custom made to customer’s request possible!





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Material: stainless steel, carbon spring steel strip
Coating: INOX, nickel-plated, galvanized
Length: 85 – 268 mm
Width: 7 – 16 mm
Thickness: 0,2 – 1,5 mm
Weight: 0,3 – 22 g
Thread eye: D, OVAL, or O-shape
Type: electrical / mechanical, open / closed

Custom made to customer’s request possible


Roller Coverings

Bobotex - Trommer Textil Technik

schoch_Trommer Textil Technik


Weaving Reeds

Scheren und Werkzeuge -Trommer Textil Technik

Scissors and textile tools

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Special scissors
for cutting yarns and fabrics
made of Carbon®, Kevlar®, Twaron®, Rayon®, Glasfaser®, Geotextilien®, etc.

Tailor’s shears and cloth scissors
e.g. Pinking shears, thread clips etc.

Scissors for industrial purpose
for robust materials
e.g. Carpet scissors, upholsterer’s scissors, wire scissors etc.

Textile tools
• Burling irons / Cloth pickers
• Tweezers
• Spinners picks/ Reed knives
• Reed hooks: straight or with inside/ or
   external bending
• Needles for remashing




for the textile industry

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The right oil for your requirements and application:

Synthetic gear oils:
– especially for weaving machine

Needle- / inlet- / cleaning oils
– for knitting machines

High temperature chain oils
– for textile finishing machines

Special greases:
– hot water, steam, lye and acid-resistant
– for textile finishing machines

The lubricant selection is based on the
recommendations of the equipment manufacturers and the
individual operating conditions.

We are happy to advise you.


Schmierstoffe - Trommer Textil Technik

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Founded in 2007, we’re supplying the textile industry with various spare parts and accessories since then.

Innovation, flexibility and speed are our strengths when it comes to developing customized solutions.

In cooperation with textile machine manufacturers from all over the world, we’re using the most modern technologies and modifying them according to the individual needs and ideas of the customer to find the optimum solution for him.

We’re benefiting from the technical know-how and experience of more than 50 years.

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